Download & Play the Find the Birds Prototype!

Download the prototype (currently for Apple iPhones/iPads only):

Step1. Download TestFlight app from Apple App Store:
Step 2. Enter link below in Safari browser to download prototype:
Step 3. Accept the invitation, then install the app and play! 
Additional step: If link does bring you to TestFlight, open TestFlight app and you will see Find the Birds listed. Download and play.

No iPhone/iPad? Watch the Prototype Video!

Press play on the video to view our prototype. 

Sound & Image credits:  

Roseate Tern call by Fernand Deroussen /CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 

Roseate Tern call by Paul Marvin /CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

Waves Up Close 3 by Andrew Holman/ CC –

Breeding Adult Roseate Terns photo by USFWS / CC BY 2.0

Juvenile Roseate Tern photo by Scott Heron / CC BY-SA 2.0