Download & Play the Find the Birds Prototype for Free!

Produced by Thought Generation (currently available for Apple iPhones/iPads only):

Step 1: Download TestFlight app from Apple App Store:
Step 2: Enter link below in Safari browser to download latest game prototype:
Step 3: Accept the invitation, then install the game prototype and play! 
Additional step: If link brings you to TestFlight, open TestFlight app, and you will see Find the Birds listed. Download and play. 
Note: The prototype is a basic, draft version of some gameplay elements we are experimenting with. This version may not work on older devices. Prototype features currently include the “habitat health meter” where the player’s maintenance of the habitat is monitored, and “nest boxes’, which the player places to increase the bird population. The actual game will have many more bird species, more quests, and more birding habitats, as well as a more complex way for players “get” birds, in addition to having much-improved artwork, animation, and gameplay.

No iPhone/iPad? Watch the Prototype Video!

Press play on the video to view our latest prototype. 

Sound & Image (Creative Commons) credits in video/prototype:  

Roseate Tern call by Fernand Deroussen /CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 

Roseate Tern call by Paul Marvin /CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

Waves Up Close 3 by Andrew Holman/ CC –

Breeding Adult Roseate Terns photo by USFWS / CC BY 2.0

Juvenile Roseate Tern photo by Scott Heron / CC BY-SA 2.0