realistic bird species

Find the Birds will include actual bird species, rendered and animated to simulate the real thing, so that players learn how to identify wild birds, while having fun! Here is an example, a Roseate Tern, a globetrotting seabird that gets its name from its pinkish belly.

educational, yet fun!

Find the Birds will be fun for typical gamers, as it will feature traditional and popular gameplay elements such as “hidden object” (where you look for birds), “collecting” (you will collect info cards for each bird that accumulate more info the more you play), and “quests”, where you undertake challenges to help improve the health of the in-game habitats.

real-world habitats

Find the Birds will grow, location-by-location, and feature actual top areas to see birds, such as the Okanagan Valley, BC and Tucson, Arizona. Not only will they look like the real thing, the conservation quests and birds at each in-game location will match what you’d find if you actually visited these amazing places.